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Not that anyone reads this thing, but I’m transitioning my blogs to a new home:


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Money Can’t Buy Happiness…

…but it can sure as hell buy you a lot of nice shit!

Now there’s a grateful billionaire if I’ve ever seen one.

I was on this forum and they had an article about how Zhang Ziyi is in deep shit with the people of China. Something about her dirty laundry being aired for everyone to sniff. Apparently she was staying at the Beijing Park Hyatt when two guys demanded she come out and face persecution (yes I’m paraphrasing everything and interpreting it on my own terms). Basically one dude splashed black ink/paint all over her ad in front of a watch store (there’s some pretty good photos of the guy in the act..I just thought that was the most amazing part of the article..HD photos of an act of vandalism going on and yet nobody catching him..or maybe they did after??) So one of her issues is that she is being accused of cheating a business partner out of millions AND attempting to steal her (probably insanely wealthy) husband. Now why two GUYS are out there trying to take Zhang Ziyi’s head off is beyond me, maybe the wife hired them who knows?

OK so I got off track…me and celebrity news…I’m an addict…anyway…so my point is that’s what made me think of money today and how it rules the universe. Everybody knows this but some people have it on their brain way more than others and I would have to say one of those particular groups of people are the gold diggers. When reading the article on Zhang, they mentioned Wendi Deng, man-eating wife of Rupert Murdoch, king of the FoxNews network and Newscorp and all that media goodness, and also (former?) friend and business associate of Zhang’s. Oh, her history is extensive! I asked my mom about her and being a celebrity news addict herself, she basically gave me a rundown of Deng’s life story (not really her whole life story, just her gold digging ways..but then again that is what consumes most of her life if you’ve heard of this woman). Basically, when she was still in China, she somehow got involved with a married man, got him to be her sponsor to the U.S., LIVED IN HIS HOUSE WITH HIS WIFE (who’s dumber, the cheating schmuck or his wife??) and blah blah they got divorced she got the man…fast forward she goes to Yale for her MBA (I think), meets a 20-something year old boy, gets dumped by U.S. sponsor cheater schmuck man, then gets a job at one of Murdoch’s companies and bam! she meets the old guy and seventeen days after his divorce from his last wife, he marries Wendi Deng. I believe there’s at least a 20+ age difference there but why do I act like I’m so surprised at that? I’m not. MY POINT IS: money drives people to do crazy shit.

Was this post about money or gold diggers? Well you can’t have one without the other so I guess it’s about both. While like every girl out there, I’d like to marry a nice, wealthy man…I know I can’t do what those gold diggers out there do..I am no Wendi Deng! Not that I respect people like that (can we say home wrecker?) but it really takes something to drive a person to be so headstrong and ruthless…all for the dollar. It actually sort of boggles me. They sure as hell don’t teach this at school, so they must learn this at home…or have it embedded in their brain somewhere..instead of grey matter they have green matter…or gold..whatever.

So next time some zen hippie tells you something ridiculous like “money can’t buy happiness” (like I sure buys a lot of nice shit) and “love makes the world go round” (actually, the Earth’s orbit is not made of little pieces of love) well…you can be an asshole and just smile while thinking “hah! more greens for me then!!”, or you can be a good fellow human and tell them the honest truth. Then again…are there any people out there anymore that are that zen and non-materialistic? Maybe it’s the NYC speaking, but I have yet to meet someone who truly believes that. I believe in morality and feeding your soul and surrounding oneself with loving people but when it comes down to it, there is no shame in loving the Benjamins, baby.

I really liked this quote at the top of this blog: Wendi Deng Watchers Club


Well that’s just clever. If there was a “like” button on blogs, I’d “like” that fore sure.

Look at the time, it’s almost noon…I’m off to Little Owl for lunch with Ceci & Winnie. Maybe I’ll write a review upon my return…good food and good friends…nice way to top off the year. (BTW CAN YOU BELIEVE 2009 IS ALMOST OVER?)

When did you get here, December? I hardly knew ya.

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The Thing We Ladies Have Gotten Used To But Shouldn’t.

Text from one of my girl friends:

“I know *INSERT BOY’S NAME HERE* is a great guy but…are us girls just used to shit treatment and good is strange?”

Yes, we are just used to shit treatment, and yes good is just strange to us.
Chivalry isn’t dead! It’s just a lost behavior ritual that lazy, cheap guys have brainwashed girls into thinking that it’s archaic and cheesy. Being a gentleman will never go out of style (neither does being a lady, ahem) don’t let anybody make you believe otherwise.

So Nice Guys do indeed finish last, but they have their asshole counterparts to thank for that. Although I can’t put all the blame on the assholes. We ladies should take responsibility too. Not only have we gotten used to being treated like crap, but I think some of us actually prefer it that way. No, I’m not talking about getting beaten up or worse forms of abuse. I’m talking about the girls who crave drama…some crave it so much they create it..they don’t feel alive unless there is something to fight about or be mad about, or to cry or complain over. I think that’s why in some ways, it’s so much easier to date a jerk. We have an excuse to use somebody as our emotional punching bag, our sparring partner, and be a big bitch to and then blame it all on him and then not have to feel bad about it.

Someday a Nice Guy will meet a Nice Girl and they will have a Nice Relationship. This is rare and one of them will probably dump the other for an Asshole, thus breaking the heart of the Nice One Left Behind and thus turning them in to the Asshole. What a vicious cycle. Why do we find this shit normal anyway?

In conclusion, get your priorities straight so you don’t end up on a show like this (as entertaining as it is):

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The #1 thing we take for granted.

This morning, my friend texts me to inform me of a friend of hers who is in the hospital on life support. I’ve only met this girl once, when we went on a group vacation to Playa Del Carmen, but she’s one of those people who just radiates warmth as soon as you meet her. We didn’t conversate much but you can tell..she’s just one of the “nice girls”.

Anyway, it still had me shaken, no matter the level of familiarity between us. Just knowing what she is battling with, what her family must be many friends have her in their thoughts or how worried they must be sitting in that waiting room..I can’t help but feel worried as well.

For all the things we take for granted, I honestly do think health would be up there..nobody gives it a second thought..especially not people our age, we think we’re in our prime..we drink, we smoke, we eat poorly, we don’t sleep enough, we treat our bodies like shit, but meanwhile, our health of body and mind is the most tremendous blessing anybody can ever bestow upon us. I don’t want to get all poetic and philosophical here but I just want anyone who reads this..if anyone reads this at all..or just to remind myself not to take our health for granted, because some people are barely holding on.

My thoughts are with you, Vivian. Stay strong and make a speedy recovery.

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first thoughts…

I never really had a blog before, unless you count Xanga? Speaking of which, what ever happened to Xanga? Where are my e-props? Yea you remember those..I think Friendster and Facebook phased it out.

People are lazy these days. I refuse to sign up for Twitter, although I have a feeling I will someday. I admit I do follow certain Twitter pages such as Dessert Truck’s (WHY DID THEY STOP LETTING THEM SELL THOSE DELICIOUS MORSELS OF HEAVEN ON THE STREET? WHY?!) and I started following others after DJ AM’s death (may he rest in eternal peace). I was startled at how his death lingered in the back of my’s not like I’ve ever seen him live or bothered to listen to his gigs..I guess it’s because he was young, died in NYC, and was associated with Vegas, a city that I am hopelessly in love with.

Speaking of Vegas, I can’t wait to go back..some time after Memorial Day weekend. If there are any other cities I love more than NYC, it’d be Las Vegas and Shanghai..San Diego is up there, too. I don’t know what it is about Sin City that has me so mezmerized..maybe it’s because it’s so utterly good to be bad there? hehe.

I used to have a hand-written diary/journal but I got tired of writing so call me lazy I got a blog. The reason being that one of my professors required us to sign up for wordpress to post on the class blog so I decided to just start my own.

I’m done for today 😉


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