The 12 Months of 2011

..3..2..1..HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Forget the bullshit cliche New Year’s Resolution of years past. I have a new one, and one that I hope to accomplish.
Seeing all these deals for classes on GROUPON and KGBDEALS inspired me to make this resolution: to try out a new class every month. It’s going to cost time, energy, and money but I’m determined. It’s too bad I’m so picky about it though. Bikram Yoga? No thanks, can’t stand being in a sauna let alone do yoga in a heated room. Scuba class? Sounds interesting enough (I nearly drowned snorkeling in a man-made tank in DR, mind you, so a scuba class would do me some good) but it’s just an intro course, I need something that will somewhat last through the month and won’t drill a major hole in my pocket.

Hopefully this won’t fail like my “bucket list” although that’s more of an ongoing thing. I still have yet to watch “Wicked” or have a slice @ Grimaldi’s.

I’m looking forward to January’s class already, whatever it may be.


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One response to “The 12 Months of 2011

  1. Pico De Gallo

    hi ❤

    how about…. a vietnamese cooking class?! i'll be your teacher, mentor, instructor, detention giver.

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