If “Real” Woman Have Curves, I Guess Only The Bottom Half Of Me Exists.

curves up top!

First off, notice the irony? Victoria Beckham is teeny tiny but she has huge (fake) boobs. So is she a real woman or not? Because technically, she has curves, they are just on one part of her waif-like body. BTW, I love Posh and I love her bag even more.

Secondly, I am sick of women’s magazines embracing the bigger woman while shunning thinner girls. Don’t get me wrong, everybody needs loving, so why can’t everybody get the same amount of positive attention and support? Almost every women’s mag I see contains the title “REAL WOMAN HAVE CURVES” . Sooo women who don’t have curves aren’t real women? If putting size 0-4 models in pictorials are a bad influence for girls, encouraging anorexia or whatever, isn’t putting double digit models encouraging childhood obesity? That was mean, I know, but I’m annoyed and this is my blog I can say whatever catty thing I feel like 🙂

I’m not bashing on the bigger ladies out there. I’m criticizing the mags that are sooo obviously trying to suck up to a certain demographic of readers (because you know skinny girls are too busy making themselves throwup to read a magazine…KIDDING KIDDING!) by embracing a “women with curves” aka meatier gals, while making the smaller women feel like they have something to apologize for. Thin-guilt?

I’m a size 2, in some circles I’m thin, in others I’m average. Most of my girl friends (and some guy friends even) are super petite double 0 types so of course I feel like a giant compared to them. You know how tiny some Asians can be, haha. I have my weight and image insecurities too from time to time. I have cellulite, I have stretch marks, my weight fluctuates every other day, and I’ve weighed about 15lbs heavier less than 10 years ago. BUT do you see any women’s mags telling you to embrace your cellulite? NO.

Referring to my title, “…only the bottom half of me exists”, yes I am implying I have small boobs. Now I am outright saying it. Sure, I can enjoy the luxury of not having to worry about those babies going out of control when I jog or don’t wear a supportive bra, but hey! Small boobed women have their struggles too. It’s embarrassing not to fill out certain shirts or dresses and to have people know if you are wearing a padded bra or not. Am I not a real woman? I have body image issues!

All right, all right I got off track. What I’m trying to say is, yes, we need to promote a healthy body image but healthy can be anybody. You can have a healthy size 10 but you can also have a healthy size 00, it doesn’t just come in ONE shape, size, form, weight, dress size, etc. Same with beauty. That hourglass figure is the ideal image of sexy, but we can’t all be Scarlett Johannson now can we? Some of us are wristwatches (what I call myself, smaller on my polar ends and rounder near the middle…my unusually large booty for an Asian, not my stomach), some are alarm clocks. Nothing wrong with that. Just eat right, exercise, work hard play hard love hard laugh hard, and wear clothes that compliment your figure and make you feel like you are the shit. THAT is what a real woman looks like.


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